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Victory Caps

Victory Caps

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  • Perfect For Travel, Race Day, Or For Those Who Don't Like To Drink Their Pre-Workout
  • Optimizes Energy For Endurance Performance*
  • Enhances VOMax*
  • Helps Delay Fatigue & Improves Blood Flow To Working Muscles*
  • Amplifies Mental Sharpness & Toughness*
  • 20 Servings Per Container

No Jitters. No Crash. Just Fast.

Endurance performance, whether it be running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or otherwise, can be accurately predicted by the training and nutrition strategies taking place before the event. However, the endurance supplement market is overtly laden with supplements formulated for consumption only during or after a bout of exercise. All the while, supplements taken before training and/or competition are scarce and inadequate despite their obvious need. Akin to several other concepts in endurance performance (such as live high, train low), we as athletes want to make it our goal to squeeze the most out of every training session in order to maximize long-term progress, something that is currently unavailable in endurance-based sports.

Until now.

Victory Caps addresses the most overlooked concept affecting cardiovascular capacity, the pre-training window, with only scientifically-validated ingredients and a 5-angle approach: Increase VO2Max and aerobic capacity, buffer lactic acid and boost anaerobic performance, reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory markers, support lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation, and enhance mental toughness. Taken together, these 5 factors can be the difference maker on race day. When every second and every inch matters most, Victory Caps puts you a step ahead.

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