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Sinister Preworkout

Sinister Preworkout

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Sinister Pre Workout

Sinister Pre Workout is a loaded pre workout collaboration by Black Magic x Panda Supplements. Throughout 2023, Panda has collaborated with 3 other supplement brands. Each has their unique pre workout spin. 

The collaboration between Panda Supps and Black Magic Supps is a mega dosed pre workout. This is a new take on a pre workout from either brands, with Black Magic being known for nootropic pre workouts like BZRK and Panda Supps is known for more higher stim pre workouts like Pandamic. So Sinister is new territory for both brands.

Sinister is not only a mega dosed pre workout, but it is also a on the higher end of non-exotic pre workouts. It contains unique ingredients for nootropics from Black Magic while getting some of those higher end stimulants from Panda. 

Black Magic x Panda Pre Workout Highlights

  • Great Pumps
  • Limited Edition
  • Strong Focus 
  • Higher Stim Experience 
  • 36 Gram Full Serving
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