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Performance Maximizing Preworkout Pill

The mark of any real sports nutrition company is the quality of its pre workout. Often among the first, if not the first, products released when a brand debuts, a well-formulated pre workout will endear a company to millions, while an unremarkable, utterly mundane pre workout ushers you to the corners of obscurity, of which there are many in the ever-expanding pre workout niche.

By now, you know that Apollon Nutrition doesn’t f*** around when it comes to pre workout supplements. We’ve done them multiple ways—caffeine-only, stimulant-free, focus-heavy, thermogenic, and more.

And, guess what?

We’re not done yet!

FURIOUSA is the next jaw-dropping offering.

Here’s what it is and why you must try this top-tier pre workout!


Furiosa is a hard-hitting, long-lasting pre workout capsule.

Within each serving, you’ll find the perfect combination of intense energy, focus, motivation, and PUMPS!


  • Intense, long-lasting energy
  • Heightened focus & mood
  • Increased blood flow & muscle pumps
  • Reduced mental & physical fatigue
  • Greater endurance & stamina
  • Enhanced hydration
  • ZERO crash
  • NO jitters



  • High-potency green tea extract standardized to the most performance-enhancing bioactives
  • Boosts nitric oxide production, blood flow, and vasodilation for superior nutrient delivery to working muscles before, during, and after training
  • Supports increased vascularity and powerful muscle pumps

ALPHA GPC 50% (800MG)

  • Provides a highly bioavailable of choline -- an essential nutrient for cognitive development and cardiometabolic health
  • Aids production of acetylcholine (the “learning neurotransmitter”) which is heavily involved with memory, learning, and the mind-muscle connection
  • Supports dialed-in focus during intense training enabling you to push harder for longer


  • Powerful CNS stimulant that increases alertness, motivation, neural drive, and stamina
  • Hundreds of clinical trials demonstrate that caffeine is effective for boosting athletic performance, including both aerobic (“cardio”) and anaerobic (“resistance training”) workouts


  • Award-winning caffeine-free extract shown in human clinical studies to enhance alertness and focus for up to 5 hours with and without caffeine.
  • Pairing it alongside caffeine, EnXtra® helps to further enhance and prolong the focus and performance-boosting benefits of caffeine


  • Clinically-researched, patented-extract of “ancient peat” (fossilized plants) and apple extract rich in numerous polyphenols
  • elevATP has been shown to increase endogenous levels of ATP (the cellular “currency” of energy production)
  • Studies in healthy, resistance-trained athletes find that elevATP supplementation may improve strength, power, endurance and performance
  • Additional research suggests that apple polyphenols my boost mitochondrial health, promote antioxidant defenses, and support gut health

ZUMXR® (139MG)

  • Novel form of modified-release caffeine designed to provide long-term energy without the “crash” associated with many caffeine offerings
  • Included in Furiosa to provide even long-lasting energy, focus, and fatigue-resistance during your most arduous training sessions or bouts of competition


  • Patented blend of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus from NuLiv Science
  • Increases absorption of numerous vital nutrients (including amino acids like L-Citrulline as well as plant phyto-actives) which support greater ingredient efficacy
  • AstraGin also helps combat inflammation and promotes a healthy gut environment


  • Powerful, stimulant-free nootropic that increases cerebral blood flow and mental energy
  • Greater blood flow increases the brain’s supply of oxygen and neurotransmitters, thereby bolstering focus and concentration
  • Offers neuroprotection in part by defending against glutamatergic excitotoxicity


  • Aggressive CNS stimulant heralded for its potent energy “kick” and amplified motivation
  • Related to yohimbine, but offers greater effects at considerably lower dosages without the typical downsides associated with yohimbine supplementation
  • Increases dopamine and noradrenaline for amped up focus and aggression while also supporting fat-burning


  • Premium nootropic that synergizes with Alpha GPC to provide stronger, longer-lasting acetylcholine levels for supreme focus and concentration
  • Huperzine A inhibits acetylcholinesterase -- the enzyme the degrades acetylcholine

FURIOSA contains everything needed for optimal performance, both on the field, in the gym, or at work.

Due to the potency of this product, we suggest starting with a half-serving (2-3 capsules) and assessing tolerance before trying a full serving.

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